Saudi Living in London April Update

Hi everyone!

I am so happy my March update was received well. I didn't think you would be interested, but I am glad you are! That's why I am doing another one for April. As you know I travelled most of the month, so I didn't get to see much of London this month, but I managed to eat in a few new places and see spots that I haven't visited before! :) And we had three days of amazing weather as well and I am glad I managed to go out then! 

Food Spots I tried in London in April

Old Cottage Coffee Shop in the Park

This is a really cute little cafe in Charlton Park, where you eat and see life goes by in the park. It's also where all the cute dogs hangout. The sandwiches are simple, but the desserts and scones are delicious. I can't wait to go back there again. 

Kimchee Restaurant & Bar

I was craving Korean food, more specifically Bibimbap, which is a Korean dish made in a hot stone bowl with rice, vegetable, tofu (or whatever meat you want) and an egg to be mixed with some spicy sauce. I was in the area and the Kimchee restaurant was the first thing that popped up and since I haven't there before, I just went to it. It is not halal, but they have sea food and vegetarian options. I tried the veggie dumplings and had a tofu Bibimbap with a prawn starter. It was nice and the staff were attentive, but I will search further for my perfect Bibimbap.  

Afghan Kitchen

This was a little family restaurant run by women with a small menu filled with big flavours. I really enjoyed the food and the service. The design of the restaurant is very cozy (read small with 3 tables downstairs and 3 upstairs). It was also really loud because the space didn't have any fabric or cushions to absorb the sound and people's voice, which made it really hard to speak to each other.  I would like to go try it during the day too. 

New Places I visited in London in April

King's Cross Canopy Food Market

I knew about the regular market outside of the station that sells my most favourite donuts of all times: Cross Town Doughnuts, but I didn't realise there is another food market further down into the restaurant area near UAL Central Saint Martins campus. I didn't eat there, but it looked like a cool place to hang out in the summer. 

Market Times: Weekly from the 30th March. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. More Info. 

Best Donuts in London
Food Market near King's Cross

House of Illustration

I thought I have been to all the Museums that are worth visiting, but NO! There's a whole list of good museums in London that I am yet to visit. I managed to squeeze one of them this month and it's the House of Illustration. There was an exhibition called Made in North Korea and I thought it was brilliant. It was simple in terms of it represented items from a very curious place in the world such as packaging, postcards, books and some food items, but it was insightful to see the simple things from a country. As a travel content creator, I really appreciated this insight because they are things I notice on my travels. Like going to the grocery store on a trip is always interesting just to see how the locals live. 

Escape Games - OmEscape London

My good friend, Sarah, has been wanting to go all last year, so we finally found some time to go! I haven't tried anything similar before and it was interesting to do. Basically you are placed in a room and you solve puzzles to get out and go to the other rooms to finally escape. It was lots of fun to do with a big group of friends. We had lots of laughs and kept asking for clues the whole time, but we made it!! 

Charlton Park

This is a little further than Central London, but if you find yourself near South East London, this little park is worth a visit. I happened to be in the area and the weather was amazing, so I went to this park and it was such a nice relaxed park with kids playing, some teenagers skating and grownups either reading or playing ping pong. 

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