Rooftop Cinema in Startford

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Two years ago I wrote about best summer activities in London and this year I wrote about how to have a Muslim friendly summer. Both featured the ROOFTOP CINEMA!! which I think is a fantastic summer activity especially if the London weather collaborates and it is a nice clear sky!

I only went to one rooftop cinema experience before and it was during the winter in Dubai. So, I was very much looking forward to redoing it again.

The Rooftop Cinema Club has three venue in London this summer and the closest one to me is the Rooftop East Cinema in Startford, which is located outside of the stratford station in front of the gigantic Westfield Startford.

I always knew there were a few things happening in Startford, but I had no idea how cool the rooftop of the old Startford Centre was! It turns out Roof East is actually the running organisation and in addition to the cinema, there are three types of food trucks: burgers, dumplings and Indian. Along with bowling, mini golf and even yoga!

There was such a nice vibe there and I need to go again before the summer season is completely over!

Where is the Roof East and how to get there?

It is just outside of Startford Station. It is accessible by Jubilee line, Central Line, DLR, Overground and the railway. So most things will get you there. It is inside the Startford Centre located in front of Wetsfield Startford. When you walk in the centre you will see a massive sign above the lift and go straight to the 8th floor.

Rooftop East Cinema in Startford

There are different movie choices. Most of them are old classics, but there are a few 2019 movies playing there too. For some reason, Dirty Dancing was SOLD OUT in all the shows I found! But, I booked the 2019 Captain Marvel, which I haven’t seen before. I am now tempted to go for the second Marvel movie that came after it!

I really enjoyed watching it there with the blanket and the popcorn and I would highly recommend it if you are in London and want to do something a little different!

How much does it cost to go to the rooftop cinema?

  • Lounge Seat £14.95

  • Lounge Seat + Bottomless Popcorn £17.95

  • Premium Double + Bottomless Popcorn £20.95

With all the options you get a complimentary blanket and wifi headphones to use during the show and return afterwards.

The venue itself hosts other things, so having the wifi headphones was a GREAT idea and you can listen as loud or not loud as you want! I also liked the bottomless popcorn and I might have had threee, but who is counting!

Rooftop Cinema
Watching Cinema Outdoors
popcorn and movies
wifi headphones
Rooftop cinema with a view

The Views from Startford Centre

The view is only on the 8th floor, but I was pleasantly surprised with how cool it is! It is the skyline for East London and you get to see the famous ArcelorMittal Orbit tower from the Queen Elizabeth park. You will also see the BIG Westfield on the other side.

The timing was great and you can see the sky colour change during the sunset right before the movie starts.

Is the Roof East Muslim friendly?

There is a bar on the roof selling alcohol, so it’s consumed there and people are allowed to bring their alcoholic drinks to the cinema area, so it depends on how it bothers you. No one around me was drinking alcohol, but I saw a few people drink.

The whole atmosphere was cheerful though and there were a few visible Muslim women with their headscarves and it seemed Muslim friendly to me.

I am not sure if they sell any halal food in their food trucks. I had dinner in Westfield before I headed there because I know the halal options there.

How to have a great rooftop cinema experience?

  • Book in advance
    I can’t say this enough and it goes for most London events. Just book a week or two in advance because things get to sell out quickly in this city! Booking is easy and directly via the rooftop club.

  • Bring an extra blanket

    I felt so clever with my extra blanket in the show! They provide one, but the weather is starting to get a little cold and you will feel it especially that you will be sitting still for two hours. I was nice and warm during the whole thing.

  • Don’t bring any snacks

    There is a security check when you walk in and you open your bag. They confiscated foods from others and gave it back at the end of the show. They have foods and drinks there and they want you to spend all your money there.

  • Avoid liquids to avoid the bathroom
    The bathroom there is LONG! It’s shared with the whole venue and the queue are massive.

Note. there is about a month left of movies! The last one is mid September!

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