Muslim Friendly Summer in London

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It’s been already a month since summer started and London is beaming with activities and things to do. A lot of these things are music festival and booze filled, which might not be as Muslim friendly as you want it, but don’t fret, there are like bizzlion other options for Muslim friendly fun in London. Two summers ago, I wrote a mini list of Nine Things to do this Summer in London and I think it’s time to update that list and start another one. This list is actually for me. I was feeling sad the other day, that summer is passing me by while I work, so!!! I created a list of all the things I want to do and you are totally welcome to copy it and enjoy this London summer as much (or even more!).

Movies in parks and rooftops in London


I said I wanted to do this two summers ago and I still haven’t gone to see anything in any of these venues. Mostly because I have Netflix and Prime in the comfort of my own house, but this NEEDS to happen this summer. I remember watching a movie on a rooftop in Dubai and it was epic, so I am doing it again in London! There are a few options, but I am probably going with The Rooftop Film Club since they have three venues and a few movies that I would like to watch!

FREE MOVIE OUTDOORS: The Canada Water as part of Canary wharf is doing weekly free movies and I am sure there must be other locations as well closer to West and North London, but since I am based in South, I only fond out what’s happening in my hood.

Comprehensive list: A Guide To London's Outdoor Cinemas 2019

Summer in London | Watching movies outdoors

Cultural celebrations of diversity

Walthamstow Garden Party

14-15 July

The most well known festivals in/around London might be a nit much for observing Muslims, but some festivals are actually very welcoming and have a section that is Muslim friendly. One of my Muslim artist friends is participating in the Walthamstow Garden Party and it turns out there is the Oasis section of the party/celebration that is organised by the Waltham Forest Muslim Cultural Forum with an art exhibition on Islamic arts and a spoken word performances by Muslim women!

Walthamstow Garden Party Details

Please note: the whole event is not Muslim only, so there is non-halal food and alcohol served.

Islamic Art and Heritage Festival

19-21st July

I just saw this event advertised on instagram and it seems cool with lots of fun and Muslim friendly activities for adults and kids! It’s a late notice, but if you are around this might be fun to go see and starts from Friday night and goes to the whole weekend. It is organised by Muslim History Tours.

Islamic Art and Heritage Festival Details

London Halal Food Festival

3rd-4th August

I went last year and it was so yummmmm! You might wander how is this different from any other street food market, well it is similar, but it also includes food/cooking shows upstairs and stalls selling Islamic books, clothings, non alcoholic drinks and other good stuff. I spent way too much when I was there, so be warned!

Here’s a little film I made about it:

I am way this year during the food fest and really sad I am missing out, but please go and enjoy it for the both of us!

Flower and Fruit picking


Have you seen all the pretty pictures in Lavender fields and flower fields and farms on insta already? The lavender is something I actually managed to do two years ago, but I haven’t been since! I am hoping to be able to go. Make sure you make it happen in July or early August before all the flowers and the fruits are GONE!

This is such a nice family activity. My friends brought their daughters and they LOVED IT!

My old lavender field video might be a bit cringe, but at least it will tell you what to expect:

Art Exhibitions in London to escape the heat

I completely understand if you actually want to escape the heat of the London summer. It can get a bit much, so here are a few suggestions of art exhibitions that might not have been on your radar:

  • Borderless Art Exhibition | | 6 June to 28 July | At the Migration Museum | Information

  • Art of Islamic Pattern temporary exhibition | 2nd July to 2nd Nov | East London | Information
    Some photos from the exhibition below!

  • Serpentine Gallery has a few things on. It’s in the middle of the park, so you can make a day out of this!

Theatre performances in London this summer

I am going to tell you about the venues that I always check of performances, so you can take a look and take your pick! Usually theatre performances are Muslim friendly especially if it’s a G rating. Usually places will tell you if there will be nudity, sexuality or violence with one of the shows. If you are specifically sensitive to any of these, I would suggest calling the venue to make sure it’s all “clean” before booking.

Muslim friendly musical events in London

Some Muslims don’t listen to Music, but others do. I find the low key musical events are much more Muslim friendly rather than massive ones. The best ones I would personally go are the ones organised by Muslim organisations or with Muslim in mind. Here are a few I am also considering. I might be broke by the end of the summer if I do go to all of these lol!

  • BBC Classical Music Proms | 19 July - 14 September | Tickets

  • Pianist Helen Anahita Wilson and tabla master Shahbaz Hussain | 22 Aug | Tickets

Muslim friendly Musical Event

By the way, this post is not sponsored and it’s not an ad. Just things I like the sound of and want to go to. You are welcome :D

Do you know of other fun and Muslim friendly activities happening this summer? Feel free to comment them below in this post for everyone to benefit!

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