Arabian Wanderess is an informative platform for Muslim millennials. It is curated by Esra Alhamal, a Saudi artist and traveller based in London.
Arabian Wanderess focuses is on travelling Europe and the Middle East and North Africa, London and sustainable and mindful living as a Muslim woman.


  • This is a Muslim-women platform, so you will have to identify as a Muslim woman if you would like to write on here. You do not have to be visibly Muslim to write for us and you do not have to be a practicing one. We welcome all types of Muslim women on this platform as long as the subject go along the classical Islamic teachings.

  • Topics such as alcohol related actives, night life or immodest clothing need to be avoided.

  • This is an unpaid opportunity, but full writing credit goes to you.

  • This opportunity is only open for individuals and not businesses. This is not a sponsored post opportunity.

  • Please only pitch your idea in the form below and not the whole post. To pitch an idea, please write 150-200 words about the subject you would like to write about.

  • Any guest post will have to be completely original. If we find an exact publication that appear somewhere else, your post will be rejected.

  • Posts will be edited for keywords and searchable phrases to help readers find your information.

  • Affiliate links will be added if relevant to the post. There might advertising in the future as well through out the website as a whole.


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Muslim Travel Guest Post


  • Accepted subjects:

  • Interesting story in a narrative style

    Writing is all about storytelling to make the reader imagine themselves in your shoes to actually book that trip or that activity to be in your shoes. You need to spice up your style and be descriptive to help the reader smell, taste and feel the place you are writing about.

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    When you write something please keep a keyword or several in mind. Posts with unique keywords will be preferred. If you are not sure about this, you can pitch your idea and we will find you suitable keywords to work with.


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Once information is agreed in writing, please follow all the guidelines below:

  • 1500-2000 words

    Detailed posts are favoured by our readers and Google! This is a good length for the posts and it shows your knowledge in the given subject. Start with a personal introduction then get into the juicy details without shying away from descriptions. Please include helpful advice and practical tips that will help the reader to replicate the experience.

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  • Photos
    If you have your own photos that are (900-1200px) then this is great. It is always better to use your photos rather than generic stock photos. If you don’t have any or a small amount then we will use some from stock. Feel free to mix the images that include you and images about the place/activity. If you are not a practicing Muslim, you are still welcome, but make sure photos do not include alcohol or revealing clothing please. If you are using your photos please make sure they are edited (colour/brightness wise) and please reduce the size to 900-1200px. You can do that on Lightroom, Photoshop, photo bulk and most photo editing background. You can send them as a dropbox link, Google drive link or a We Transfer link.

  • Bio about you will be added to the end of the post.
    Personal connections are very important and it will be interesting for readers to know a little bit more about you. Include an extra 150-200 words of a bio about you, your travels or life experience with a link to your website and one main social media link. It’s a bonus if you send a picture of you as well.