Five Mother's Day Gifts to inspire your mum to travel!

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Let's clarify one thing first. Mother's day in the UK is on the second Sunday of March. This year it's the 11th of March. The American Mother's day however is in May. The Arab one is a little confused and sometimes I see people celebrating in March and sometimes May. Since I moved to the UK, I just followed the UK celebrations. Since March is starting tomorrow, I thought this guide might be helpful. Although with the snow this week in London it's hard to think of Marche's Spring vibe. Regardless, you have about 11 days to get your mum a present she deserve! 

If you yourself is a traveller, then you know how life changing travel is from exploring neighbourhoods, eating new food to hearing other languages in the background. Your mother however might not fully grasp this and is always worrying about you going abroad. The best way to change her perspective is to encourage her to travel. Some people just need a little push! 

This gift guide is for the unsure mother, who always dreams of travel, but needs a little more inspiration and maybe a little bit of an extra push!

Ps. This is the second guide for getting the right gift for your mother. If your mother is already a travel lover then refer to the the other post. 

Five Gifts for the Mother Who Needs Travel Inspiration

Travel Books

If your mother is a reader, she will appreciate this gift especially if it gives her a travel set to imagine and motivate her to book a trip. The first three books are written by female travellers! 

Travel Accessories

Maybe giving her a travel journal, a new passport case and map will awaken her wanderlust. Sometimes having the right accessory is all that someone needs. 

Worldwide Foods

This might spark your mum's interest especially if she is into cooking. Maybe give her a cooking class about a type of food she likes, but she does not cook at home. I did a Moroccan cooking class when I visited Fez and really loved it!  You can also gift her with international cooking related books and items! Tell her the food is even better in that original country. I travel for good food so she might do as well!  

Cooking Class

Local tours

You don't always have to go far for adventure. You can go to the next town and go on a fun local tour. You can even do it in your own town! It's amazing how many people don't know much about the big cities they live in. I have some friends who were born and raised in North West London who never even ventured to South East (Greenwich area) and have no idea what's happening here. Maybe this will be a good starter for your mum to build her courage. Tours can be city tours, food tours of a specific neighbourhood or city or even photography tour if she is into.  

There are so many websites you can book tours from. You can even find experiences on Airbnb now or meet up! I use Get Your Guide if I am getting a tour and here are a few I found if you are within reach to the big cities in the UK. If you are somewhere else the website caters for so many cities worldwide.   

Give her a little local getaway

As I mentioned above in the suggested tours. She doesn't have to go far for it to count as travelling. I think local travels are a great way to get to know yourself and your travel needs. Focus on booking a nice hotel with a good view and maybe a spa to pamper her?
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Ps. This is not a sponsored post, but some of the links included are affiliate, which will give me a small commission if you purchase directly from them. 

Over to you: Which of these travel gift would your mum like the most?