Five Mother's Day Gifts for your travel loving mother

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Let's clarify one thing first. Mother's day in the UK is on the second Sunday of March. This year it's the 11th of March. The American Mother's day however is in May. The Arab one is a little confused and sometimes I see people celebrating in March and sometimes May. Since I moved to the UK, I just followed the UK celebrations. Since March is starting tomorrow, I thought this guide might be helpful. Although with the snow this week in London it's hard to think of Marche's Spring vibe. Regardless, you have about 11 days to get your mum a present she deserve! 

This guide will be perfect for your travel loving mother.

This is for the mum that already goes travelling with her family &/or friends. She is the one who gets the ball rolling for trips. She is practical and loves the life of the adventure!

If your mum is unsure of travelling and needs some inspiration then refer to the second guide instead. 

Five Gifts for The Travel Loving Mother

This mum is practical, adventurous and I feel like she would love a practical travel gift to aid her and make her time away from home as comfortable as possible! 

Assure Quality Control

with a light and easy to use camera!

I see a lot of senior couples on my travels using their IPads to take photos and it makes me so sad because the quality of those photos will be awful! A camera that is light with a big screen and easy to use will be perfect for your mum! I would recommend one of the Canon powershot Cameras for it's light weight, good quality and practicality. 

Get Her Rolling

with a bag! I am sure she already has one, but maybe she hasn't replaced it in a while. I love my Kipling duffle bag and tote, or you can look at more advanced backpacks or travel bags with a good packing system. Maybe even get an idea of the kind of bag she wants and get that! 

Make Sure She is Covered

Just like with the bag, she might already have a rain jacket, but it might be warn out! Some nice rain coats last for years and are fantastic for heavy rain days. The one I have been using for 5 years now is Karen Millen rain jacket. I listed a few seemingly good quality ones for you here: 

Give Her An Experience

If she loves travelling then she would love an experience whether a one that will pamper her like a classic afternoon tea and spa or one that will get her adventurous soul excited like a bushcraft course

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Send Her Away On A Trip! 

I mean go big or go home right? If this is a special mother's day, you might want to consider booking her a trip. In 2015, when I went for my Iran art trip, I insisted that my mum comes with me. She really loved it and it was an amazing trip that we both really enjoyed. There are a few options for this one depending on the type of trip she would enjoy. 

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Ps. This is not a sponsored post, but some of the links included are affiliate, which will give me a small commission if you purchase directly from them. 

Over to you: Which of these travel gift would your mum like the most?