Gifts Guide to London (What to buy from London?)

10 unique Gifts From London

If you are going to London for a visit, I am sure you are going to do a little bit of shopping either for yourself or someone you love. There are the trinket and souvenirs shops that have London on them that are probably made in China everywhere especially around touristy areas like Big Ben, Westminster and the British Museum. BUT if you want something different that is very London, but doesn't scream London then this gift guide is for you. If you already visited London and didn't get a chance to get anything for whatever reason most of these brands deliver internationally! 

1- Gifts from London: Umbrellas

The number one thing in London that you should be aware of is rain, so umbrellas are always a good reminder of London. You can find them everywhere, but if you want a very special one. There is not a better place to get it from like James Smith & Sons shop that has been in London since 1830! They have sun umbrellas as well if you want to take one to friends in the Middle East. They are also known for their walking sticks. I din't think you would want that, but maybe your grandpa does? 

Hand crafted umbrellas James and Sons

2- Gifts from London: Tea

Tea in London Tea Gifts

As you know London is big on afternoon teas (aka high tea), so getting tea as a present is PERFECT! They even sell some at the airport, but!!! if you want a special tea then here are my suggestions for you and I do love my tea! 

Yumchaa Tea. It's good quality tea with a big range of flavours. You can pop down to one of their cafes to sample the tea yourself or order it online. Since I know which ones I like (read caramel Tea), I just order it online. 

For another selection of yummy teas that are a bit more high end then try Good and Proper Tea. They started in a tea van around London until they opened two cafes in two different locations. The prices of their tea increased a bit with all the demand, so I only get it as a treat for myself. They are simple and not flavoured, but so spot on! 

If you want pretty packaging for tea then you would want some tea from Liberty! They have really pretty, floral packaging and they only have one store in the world and that's in London. There is also Whittards, which you will see in so many corners around London, but I don't actually like their tea. It disappointed me a few times. If you really want to get something from there then try their hot chocolate. 

If you don't care as long as you get some British tea then pop down any grocery store and grab some Yorkshire Gold Tea or Tea Pigs. Reliable teas and the staple of many English households (I sound like a Tesco advert lol) 

3- Gift from London: Biscuits and Jam 

I mean you do need something to have with your tea and London got you covered! When I go back home to visit the family in Saudi, I always get them a box of biscuits from Walkers, M&S or whatever is usually on my way. It's usually nice to get the British shortbread. I added a few options for you on here just to help you get an idea of what they look like. 

4- Gifts from London: Art Supplies

So this might not be an obvious choice for you, but if you are an artist or buying a gift for an artist then you must go to London's gorgeous old art shop: L. Cornelissen & Son that opened its doors in 1861. It's located near the British Museum and it's full of colour and fantastic tools. You or your artist friends would love this! 


5- Gifts from London: Stationary

I am really into stationary and it's something I usually buy when I am travelling. Paper chase has some great stuff and it's easy to find. Most train stations have a little one. If you want something more unique, head to il Papiro for really stunning handmade Italian marbled paper. You can also try to find stationary with some of the William Morris floral patterns since he is an important figure of the arts and crafts movement that happened back in the day in the UK.  

6- Gifts from London: Products from Neal's Yard

The first time I saw Neal's yard was when I went for some pizza IN (wait for it) NEAL'S YARD (the actual court yard space). I only went there to look and smell the lavender. I didn't use their products till a friend of mine got me their bath oil. I loved it so much and decided to get their face hydrating cream that was created in 1983! I felt like £30 was a bit much, but it lasted me for nearly a year now and I use it every day before my makeup. The brand is found internationally as well, but it all started in the UK. Kind of near London (Oxford..) 

7- Gifts from London: London Watches

I first saw the Olivia Burton brand in the huge TopShop in Oxford Street and I really loved how simple and chic they looked. Then I noticed the word London in there as well. That moment I thought to myself. What a good gift this would be! They are not cheap, but not too expensive either. The one I liked was £80 and I think that is decent for a watch. I still didn't get one, but possibly in the future!   

8- Gifts from London: Harrods Bags

I don't know about you, but in Saudi everyone knows that if you visit London, you have to go to Harrods to pay your respect! The first time I visited London, I had to go and get those cute plastic Harrods bags. After I moved to London I realised that I will never be using this bag ever especially that hardly any Londoners use it! It's a good gift though and the bags and wallets last for about a year. They start deterring afterwards. Plus, the Harrods brand is the only affordable thing in that whole store! 

9- Gifts from London: Perfume from Jo Malone

This might be a little mainstream since Jo Malone is sold in a few airports around the world, but their scents are lovely! AND their candles last for ages. Not the cheapest, but might be a good option. The body oil is the cheapest thing you sell and I sometimes I use it as a perfume and get so many compliments! 

10. Gifts from London: Something Quirky from the market

There a few crafty markets that happen in London around the year. If you are here Christmas time, then the markets are countless. Don't fret if you aren't though because there are lots of crafty markets that happen at different times of the year. There are the daily markets in Greenwich, Old Spitafield and Camden. There are also special craft ones such as the The London Artisan Market,  Crafty Fox Market and the Etsy made local events

Handmade London Market

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I hope you enjoyed this line up of London gifts and I wish you an awesome time in London. 

Over to you: Which gift would you be getting for yourself or your loved ones? :D

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