Groceries & Cooking Class In Fes

I wanted to make the most of my Fes trip, so when I had a free day, I filled it with something fun and unusual, a cooking class! :D I already know how to cook and I am ok with following recipes, but I wanted an in depth look into Moroccan cuisine because when it is done right it is DELICIOUS!  Plus when my friend did this same cooking class, she raved about the grocery shopping part and I wanted another excuse to take photos of the beautiful Moroccan produce. 

I did the cooking class along with few other ladies at the Cafe Clock with Chef Souad. The chef was very cheerful and sweet. Her English was great and she explained everything thoroughly from food to culture. It was three hours well spent. We started with picking our three course menu then we went around the corner from the cafe to shop for groceries. We walked around and it was a great opportunity for me to take photos of stalls and shops. Chef Souad knew the shop owners and because of her everyone was fine with me taking photos until a strange old man walked in and thought I took his photo and got angry for few minutes.

After 30-40 minutes of wandering around, we got back to the kitchen and started cooking! We made smoked aubergine salad, harirra soup, lemon and olive chicken Tajeen and Moroccan cookies. Everything took about an hour to cook and the results were smashing. I can't believe how easy it all was. We also got a little recipe book! Just thinking about the food is making me hungry! I highly recommend the experience (it was 600 Moroccan Dirhams/ 40 GBP per person).    

If you are not interested in the cooking class, I would still advice you to go checkout Cafe Clock. It's considered one the hippest places in town. They also have nice ice tea and a yummy dates cake :D 

Enjoy the photos below! :) 

Address: Fez Cafe Clock is located in Al talah Alkairah in a little inside street with a tiny sign above the entrance right in front of the Bou Inania Madrasa