Zurich on Foot

Happy Tuesday! 

Following yesterday's post Monday in Zurich, I am dedicating this week's posts to Zurich and the spots I visited when I was there. Zurich is the largest town in Switzerland, but to me it was small. Walking around was the easiest option. From any point I was, it took me a max of 40 minutes to reach to the other point I wanted. To make things quicker, I took the tram few times and it was really convenient. The names of the tram stop are written on the screen and the operator says them out-loud. It really reminded me of Manchester, UK. 

I started my walking/photo tour from Goldbrunnenplatz tram stop. I started with the down town along the Limmat River. While I was walking I spotted the Grossmünster (third & fourth photos), a Roman style church and the Fraumünster, the lady's church with the pointed tower in a distinctive dark turquoise colour (fifth, sixth & eighth photos). From there I headed to the Zurich old town, which is the number one activity listed on Trip Advisor. It is a lovely part of town and it does not look that old because it is clean and neat (from the 10th to the 18th photos). Although there were some renovations taking place (photo two). I loved the simple architecture with pastel colours and big windows.  

Waking around town and discovering on a clear, dry day was lots of fun. Below are some photos I snapped. 

Visit Time: March 2015