Monday in Zurich

Happy Monday world!

Last week, I went to Zurich for a long weekend to discover the city and enjoy some peace away from the crazy life in London *MashAllah*. I had a list of five museums to visit last Monday, but I realised that museums are closed on Mondays in most parts of Europe, so I switched my plan up and ended up spending most of the day by the beautiful Lake Zurich. I went there in the early afternoon to catch some sun and relax. That time of the day was very quiet because most people were in work. The sun was shining shyly from behind the clouds and that made it slightly warm. Unfortunately, the sky was not clear, therefore I could not see the mountains and their snowy peaks in the distance. It was still great to go. The lake was serene and picturesque. Worth a visit for sure. I heard that during the summer people swim there. I walked around, sat and took loads of photos. It was a very short walk from the point where I started (by the sculpture in the first photo) to town centre 20mins max, so I suggest taking your time and sitting and taking in the view because the closer you get to town centre the busier it gets.   

Enjoy these few snaps I took there. 

Visit Time: March 2015.