Organic Shop in Zurich

Happy Wednesday world! 

When I travel, it's not always easy to find halal** options, so I usually stay in the safe side and become a vegetarian, which is a wonderful thing to try at least for few days every once in a while. I went to a local organic store and café called Justus. It sold the most delicious vegetarian lunch. It was not strictly vegetarian, but they still cater well to vegetarians. The fact that everything they cook and sell in there is organic was a major plus. They have seatings outside for lovely sunny days and inside for a cosier atmosphere. The interior or the place was simple and basic. I liked the table by the window with all the organic goodies. Their menu is always changing. My friend and I had the salad and the pasta, which were very delicious, light and filling. If you are in Zurich, Justus is worth a visit! 

Visit Time: March 2015. 

** Halal is the way chicken and other animals (cows, goats & sheep) are killed according to the Islamic ruling. The animal has to be given water and placed in the direction of Mecca before the jugular vein is slit for the quickest way to drain the blood, so the animal is clean inside and better for us to eat.