Surfing in Portugal (Ericeira)

Bus from Sintra to  Ericeira

If you have been reading this blog for a while, then you know that I don't really do extreme sports or adrenaline pumping activities. I usually go visit castles and go on city walks. This time on my trip to Portugal, B and I decided to do something very sporty especially after we got a great recommendation by our host at the Lanui Guesthouse. We went SURFING!!!! I was playing with the idea for a while especially when I went to Sri Lanka and was told that surfing is becoming big there, but time wasn't enough so I didn't. Surfing was completely unplanned for this trip, but we are extremely glad we tried it! We were even due to fly that same night. We woke up early, went for some shopping in Sintra then we packed and headed to the Bus station. We took the 12:25 bus from Sintra Train/bus station to Ericeira. The bus took longer than expected and we were late for the lesson, but thankfully we made it there a few minutes after everyone else. 

Surfing in Portugal

The lesson started at 1:30pm. We started with learning the three main moves on land and then we were taken to the water to try them. There was a small class of us of eight and two instructors. We queued up in the water with our boards and it was go go, but exactly what we needed to get on with it and used to the moves. By half way, we were able to stand on the board and even have full surf moments (yes I just made that name up!). I know how to swim, but I am usually scared when I go deeper into the sea, but this beach was PERFECT! The ground of it was great for standing. After a while, I got used to the water and was just floating with my board. Everyone else was a beginner too, which was fun for us all to try and encourage each other.  

The wet suite was the right size, but the gripe on the neck felt so weird, but I forgot about it once I was in the water. The beach was COLD but thankfully with the movement and the suit I couldn't feel it. I got back with hands and feet tan lines. That beach was busy with surfers but I would have loved to spend a few extra hours just chilling there too. 

I would highly recommend that you try it! 

Company: Activity Surf Centre Ericeira
Price: Two Hours Surfing Lesson: 1pm to 3pm for 30 euros each including wet suite and equipments. 
Bookings: directly on their website

Over to you: Have you been surfing before? Where did you do it and what did you think!!