Ten Tips for Safer Solo Travel

Pin me for later: Ten Tips for Safer Solo Travel

Pin me for later: Ten Tips for Safer Solo Travel

Being safe is essential. Unfortunately, there are unkind people worldwide, so it's important to be vigilant and careful. Same things apply in your home country too. Don't be held back by fear though! Just try your best. Here are a few pointers that you probably know, but they might be good reminders. 

1- Give your parents/partner or a friend your travel details before you travel.

This is important. It's good to give the address and all relevant phone numbers to a person or two back home just in case. 

2- Take a photo of your passport and visa 

You might feel this is not important, but in worst case scenario when your passport is lost or stolen, you would need to provide the basic information like the number, place o issue and dates. My passport was stolen by monkeys in Sri Lanka! Real story that you can watch here: (). Thankfully, I got it back, but it does happen! 

3- Don't tell others you are travelling alone. 

Give the impression that someone elseis waiting for you and expecting you. I used to say that my friend "imaginary" is waiting for me in the next city especially when I am on a train. Sometimes I do! I tend to meet Instagram friends in different countries and it's amazing! 

4- Don't give any personal information especially where you are residing. 

I get this a lot out of curiosity and I give the general name of the area or a landmark that's close by but never the hotel name. Just say oh I can't remember or I will look it up later. You never know! Better safe than sorry! 

Safety while travelling

5- Post about a location after you have been not while you are there 

Be extra cautious! You don't want to tell others where to find you when you are travelling alone. I mean you can share the city name. Like I mention London a lot, but that city is HUGE! Unless I am at an event with others then I am more "sharing" happy. Asses the situation. 

6- Dress to blend

I know sometimes when you travel you want to dress beautifully for your travel photos, but if you are dressed in a very flashy manners you will be targeted by shop keeper or theives. Keep this in mind depending on location of the trip. For instance, in Italy many locals are dressed fashionably, but in Sri Lanka people are dressed more practically. 

7- Put your camera around your neck

I would say put it in your bag, but I know we all want to take travel photos. So when it's around your neck it's more secure.  

Travel Safety for Solo Travel

8- Minimise the things you have with you.

The more things you have the bigger the chance you will lose something or attract unwanted attention. So try to pack in one or two bags max. 

9- Plan your route

It's better to check or plan your route you intend on taking before you set off at least to have an idea of what roads you will be walking into or what stations you need. 

10- Avoid being out too late

Now that's the most obvious one, but you will be surprised on how many people don't do it. If you really want to do something out at night then make sure that you know how you are getting back and taking a taxi. I usually don't stay out later than 8 unless I am with other people or attending a show. Also, avoid inside streets and short cuts in late hours of the night. 


Over to you: do you have any special advice on staying safe while travelling?  

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