Recommended Eats in Sintra 

I don't usually write extensively about food on this blog, but since I found that the food in Lisbon and Sintra was a hit and miss, I thought I will share the hits. In the six days I was there, I got a couple of mouth watering meals and a couple of really bad meals that I couldn't even finish. Be warned this post will make you hungry! I am already craving them and it's only been a day since I left! 

The same pointers I mentioned in the recommended eats in Lisbon applies, so if you haven't read that post, it might be a good to do so! 

Lunch in Sintra

We had a few lunches that were just sandwiches and pastries. All were nice but nothing special to report back expect for one place below! 

Ekvilibro: Vegan Restaurant in Sintra

After all the indulging above, we thought, we will go for a healthier option. We saw Ekvilibro, a vegan place on the road and we were intrigued. They also had a good offer of wrap + salad + a hot drink and a cold drink all for 5 euros. They were all very delicious. They only had four tables urging the lunch service, but you can grab it and eat it wherever if it's too busy. 

Ps. This place offers yoga lessons, massages and vegan and organic products. 

Dinner in Sintra

Tasca de Xico

This was a recommendation from one of the nice shop keepers that we met in Sintra. It was a good place that served fresh fish and a few other options. They served traditional desserts that were OK. The cod on toast starter and the main were worth the trip and the price though. 

Incomum by Luis Santos

I left the best for last! The food in Incomum by Luis Santos was so good we wanted to cry. I am just glad the people next to us left by the time we got our mains because some ahs and ohs must have escaped us! The starter was sautéed shrimp in the best sauce ever. It took some self restraint not to lick the plate. Then I had the shrimp linguine, which was excellent and ended with a gorgeous dessert of pineapple cake with lychee ice cream and some sort of yummy orange cake. If I was staying longer in Sintra, I would have loved to eat there again!

Sintra has a must try pastry as well, Queijadas Finas. It's like a smaller pastel de nata made of sweet cheese and sprinkled with cinnamon. It was so yum! You get like eight in that roll of paper that finished in half a day! 

Queijadas Finas - Sintra's special treat

Hope you find these recommendations useful and I really hope they remain as good by the time you try them! 

Over to you: What were your favourite places that you have tried and absolutely loved in Sintra and the areas around?