Must Visit Art Galleries in Jeddah

In the past few years, the artistic scene in Saudi and the Gulf region has been getting more recognition and  attention. Thanks to many efforts from Art galleries, individuals and books such as Contemporary Kingdom: The Saudi Art Scene Now. I was very excited to visit Jeddah earlier this week to checkout some of the galleries I have been following on social media. Thank you to Saudi Art Guide as well for the recommendations when I arrived. I managed to visit four galleries. 

I started with the Saudi Art Council. Their current exhibition is called "Earth and Ever After." I loved how big the space is and the selected displayed works. They were all unusual and felt original to me. 

Then went to Hafiz Gallery. It was a solo exhibition for the artist Mounirah Mosly. Her work was lovely and done on various types of mediums. The gallery was small and could be completed in half an hour. 

Afterwards, I went to Athar Gallery. The space was big. It was the solo gallery of Ayman Yossri Daydban named "Give Me the Light". It was really good to see his work from early years to more current pieces. It was presented nicely and I liked the dark room and the flashlight idea. Outside the exhibition space in the staircase leading to the roof, I found Momad Ink work.

All three galleries were in close proximity from each other by car. It's not really possible to walk from one to the other sadly, but I would suggest finding a driver to take you to all of them.

I ended the day, with the newly opened Rochan Gallery and the solo exhibition of Princess Hayfa Bint Abdullah. There was a collection of works by HRH. Some were different and inventive. It was good to see various styles and techniques. 

Princess Hayfa Bint Abdullah Exhibition
The starting point by Princess Hayfa Bint Abdullah
 Najla by Princess Hayfa Bint Abdullah 

Najla by Princess Hayfa Bint Abdullah 

 Faces from Childhood by Princess Hayfa Bint Abdullah 

Faces from Childhood by Princess Hayfa Bint Abdullah 

PostCard Painting

It was a day filled with all sorts of beautiful art and inspiration. I really enjoyed visiting all four gallery. Art has a way of fulfilling me.