Historic Jeddah

When I visited Jeddah, I was really eager to go see the Historic area known as Al Balad. I made the mistake of going there between 11 to 1. It was March, so the weather was good, but most places don't open till 4 or 5pm. They also have few activities on the weekend, so keep that in mind when you are planning your visit. I still got to walk around and photograph the surroundings. It was empty and quiet. I met two people who volunteered to show me around out of the kindness of their heart when they saw my confused looks. I was very thankful. It made the experience richer. A number of buildings are being renovated. It was nice to see that part of town. I noticed that the Architectural style was inspired from Egypt (Mamluk) and Turkey. Below are some of the photos I snapped there. Two more posts about the same day are coming up this week. 

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