Old Houses in Jeddah

Following the Historic Jeddah post, this one is to take you further inside on of the renovated Hijazi houses such as Ba'ashen house and Al Saloom house. There is also Nassif house in the area, but it was sadly closed at that time of the day. Ba'ashn house was converted into three galleries, but Al Saloom house was returned to its original state (more about it below!). I also got to see the building for the House of Traditional Arts in Jeddah. 

Al Saloom house was built in 1880. In 2014, the house was refurbished and renovated by a private enterprise called "Jeddah, Our Days of Bliss Residence." The house is 497 square meters and has four floors. It was really cool going there and seeing the interior design of the olden days. It must have been lavish back then.