Weekend Itinerary for Bucharest, Romania

Weekend Itinerary for Bucharest, Romania

The reason I even knew about Bucharest was when I saw it as a really cheap option on Ryanair and I Googled it. I read a mix of posts about it. Some praised it and some were haring badly. I was intrigued and I thought it would be a good winter destination with its dark, Soviet and gothic architecture. I didn't think I would have strong emotions about the city, but I really enjoyed it! Even with the bitter cold and the snow. It felt as dark and magical as I wanted it to be. People were nice and the service everywhere was on point! I highly recommend visiting. I would love to go back in the summer or the spring just to see how different it is.   

Things to see and do in Bucharest: 

Old Town & Food! 

The old town in Bucharest is kind of small, but it's nice to walk around and take in the different types of Architecture they have there. There are plenty of restaurants and bars there. I only tried the very fancy Caru' cu Bere. It is only two minutes walk from the Stavropoleos Church. I loved the interior of it. The service was on point. Sea food available. Their vegetarian food was nice, but nothing exceptional. The meat dishes looked so tempting! £35 total for two three course meal + drinks + teas

You can venture the old town for the Bucharest: Guided City Tour . It was not happening when I was there, but it seems like a good option to try if you have some time.

old town Bucharest
Caru' cu Bere

Caru' cu Bere

Stavropoleos Church

I loved the architecture and the interior. It's small and can be seen and photographed in half an hour. It was quiet and peaceful. I didn't want to leave. It was so magical with the snow. I think I photographed every detail there. I went before and after breakfast! 

Stavropoleos Church

Graffiti in Bucharest

Another thing to keep an eye out for when you are walking around old town and in Bucharest in general in their graffiti. They have various styles that are worth looking at. I couldn't venture out far because of my limited time, but that would be something I will look more into if I am back. 

Herăstrău Park and the village Museum + FOOD! 

A metro ride away took us to the park. The village museum is located inside. The online opening hours showed that the museum was only closes on Monday, but when we arrived on a Tuesday in February it was closed. It looked cool from the outside. After spending a couple of hours walking around and chilling (literally) we went to the restaurant inside the park. They served really yummy sea food. £35 total for two three course meal + drinks + teas

Park covered in Snow in Bucharest

Botanical Garden Museum + Flaffel

The garden was mostly covered in snow, but we just went to the museum inside. We ended up spending an hour there just looking at the illustrations and 20mins walk from there, there is an amazing Turkish restaurants that made some tasty falafel sandwiches and served free tea. It's called Calif.

Botanical Garden Museum in Bucharest

The River

It's located on the other side of the old town. It was nice strolling beside it and watching the birds walking on the frozen water.

Bucharest River

PS. most museums are closed Monday and Tuesday

Watch my Bucharest video! 

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