Santorini Hijab Friendly Look book

Santorini is such a gorgeous Island. It is also the perfect backdrop to photos. I think I got the most Instgram likes on the outfit photos from Santorini. Here's what I wore the beginning of April. It was actually colder than expected (10-17 C), so I didn't feel warm with any of my outfits. They are more suited for the summer. Hope you get some inspiration! Ps. All was packed in carry on! :D 

First Hijab Friendly Island look: 

Top: Basic light jeans jacket from H&M

Neck Scarf: Primark 

Skirt: Next. I added the black panel at the bottom to make it Maxi

Maxi skirt and denim shirt hijab friendly look

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Second Hijab Friendly Island look: 

Top underneath: Basic light jeans jacket from H&M

Sunglasses: ASOS

Dress: ASOS

denim shirt and maxi dress hijab look

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Third Hijab Friendly Island look: 

Dress: ASOS

Ruffle maxi dress for hijab

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Fourth Hijab Friendly Island look:

Top: H&M

Jeans: American Eagle

Shoes: Clarks  

Hijab Hiking Outfit

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Fifth Hijab Friendly Island look:

Dress: American Eagle

Maxi dress and hijab on a boat trip

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Sixth Hijab Friendly Island look:

Dress: Inayah

White Lace Maxi Dress with Turban

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