Restaurants in Tallinn, Estonia

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During my city break in Tallinn, I managed to try a few restaurants and cafes that I really enjoyed. I am sure there is more to the city than this small selection of places, but if I go back to Tallinn, I would happily go eat in each one of these all over again plus new ones of course! It was really hard to choose a place to eat in Tallinn because there are so many good reviews for most thing, so I hope my little list helps you eat well while visiting!

Restaurants in Tallinn that I personally I tried and loved

I didn’t specifically hunt for halal restaurants when I visited, but I was impressed with the yummy vegetarian and seafood options they had.

Lunch in Tallinn

Estonian Burger Factory €27 (for two)

The Estonian burger factory had vegetarian burgers, salmon burger and a shrimp/prawn burger. It was a nice chilled out atmosphere and my salmon burger was so good!

Mexican at Cantina Carramba  €27 (for two)

This restaurant was very close to the Kumo museum and we stopped there for lunch after our visit. It was a nice Mexican place with sea food and veggie options. The portions were generous.

Margot’s Crepes and Waffles

Margot’s Crepes and Waffles can either be breakfast, brunch or lunch! When I looked it up online I thought it was a restaurant on it’s own but it turns out it was in one of their small shopping malls! There was an option for savoury and sweet crepes and we totally loved them! It was a nice find.

Afternoon tea in Tallinn

Caffeine €5

There are a few branches around and they are equivalent to Costa or Starbucks. I can’t tell you much about their coffee, but their tea was okay. Not a strong one, but it is nice for something warm in the morning.

Cafe in front of Omi, the little red house in old town €10 (for two)

This was the most over priced thing we had during those four days, but it was because of it’s very touristy location. The atmosphere there was very nice though.

Ps. their teas were generally weak and a lot of them were herbal. If you like your English breakfast teas then I would suggest that you pack them with you!

Dinner in Tallinn

Sesoons €40 (for two)

I love trying fancier restaurants in affordable countries and one of them was Sesoons and as the name suggests their menu changes based on what’s in season and fresh. They had some really vegetarian options. that were warm and filling.

Väike-rataskaevu €66 (for two very fancy)

This was one of the best restaurants that we have been to and as luck would have it, there was a table available because it’s usually reservations!! It was very expensive for our usual budget, but considering it was a very fancy restaurant and we had starters, mains, desserts and beverages, it was really worth it. The service was fantastic as well with chatty and friendly staff.

You can eat in cheaper places if you are travelling on a tighter budget, but I blew up most of mine on food and really enjoyed it!

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