Food Recommendations in Vilnius 

I didn't know what to expect from Vilnius in terms of food. I was just hoping for edible food with a few vegetarian options and I was very pleasantly surprised when I tried their food! There were great vegetarian and sea food options and it was delicious. It was a similar food experience to Prague, which I also loved! Granted most of my money went on food (twice a day!). This list is only of the restaurants I tried when I visited for a couple of days. I added two halal option at the end. 

Vegetarian and Seafood Recommendations in Vilnius 

Drama Burger

Address: Gedimino pr. 31, Vilnius 01104, Lithuania
Food Type: Vegetarian + Seafood + Meat
Price: €12.5 for a burger, a side and a lemonade. 

It seems like Lithuanians have a love for burgers. I saw a few burgers joints around and I mean who doesn't love a good burger! I just walked to the nearest burger place I found hoping they will have good options for me and they did! There were three vegetarian and two sea food burgers. I had their salmon burger and shared a fries and cheesy cauliflower. It was VERY good. A little oily, but it was good winter food.    

Casa La Familia

Address: Rūdninkų g. 18, Vilnius 01135, Lithuania
Food Type: Vegetarian
Price: €12.5 for a medium pizza and a lemonad

This place serves fresh vegetarian pizzas (that can be vegan too!). The pizzas were so good that I went to this place twice. It's super family friendly and they have a kids playroom in there too. It gets super busy when it's a weekend or a lunch, but a little more quiet at night. Their menu is full of cool inventive pizzas with nice mixes. It was hard to choose and all the choices I tried were SO GOOD! I enjoyed their salad and Oreo cheesecake too! They are also known for their Kampuchea if you are into that. I am not, so I had their lemonade and it was nice.  

Bistro 18

Address: Stiklių g. 18, Vilnius 01131, Lithuania
Food Type: Vegetarian + Seafood + Meat
Price: €12.5 for a pasta main and a lemonade

This place is known for their pasta and wine. I only tried their prawn pasta and it was really good. I had a juice there, which was nice and fresh. They have vegetarian options there too that looked good. 


Address: Didžioji g. 11, Vilnius 01128, Lithuania
Food Type: Vegetarian + Seafood + Meat
Price: €12.5 for one person for three course meal and a juice. 

If you go there during lunch time you can find a cheaper deal of two things that is between 5-8 euros usually a soup and another type of starter. They are very filling and enough for one person, but if you want to order a main too they have a few vegetarian and sea food options. the food was cooked well and the service was great. I really liked the sophisticated vibe of the place. 


Address: Pylimo g. 23, Vilnius 01141, Lithuania
Food Type: Vegetarian + Seafood + Meat
Price: €35 for one person for three course meal and a drink. 

Splurge night! The older I get, the more I really appreciate food and the last night of the trip is usually my splurge night of good fancy food. This restaurant is Indian inspired with a European twist. Don't go expecting true Indian food because it's not that, but if you want flavoursome European choices with a hint of the East then this is for you. I really enjoyed my meal there and I liked how trendy it all felt. The place is cozy (read small), so either go early 6pm or book a table. 

Halal Food in Vilnius: 

On the official Muslim of Lithuania website, I found two food recommendations. I even passed by one of them. 

  • La Turca Vilnius: Turkish Restaurant in Vilnius
    Address: Juozapavičiaus g. 4. Vilnius, Lithuania
  •  Desi Lietuva: Pakistani Restaurant in Vilnius  
    Address: Trakų g. 5 (1,713.71 km) 01132 Vilnius, Lithuania

I saw another halal option on google maps, but I am not sure about it since it's not mentioned on the official page. More information on halal food in Lithuania

Halal Food in Vilnius

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Over to you: what would you try from these restaurants and do you have other food recommendations? 

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