Fez Take Two

My friend Samira came to Fez the start of 2015 to study Arabic for a year and from the start of her journey she loved fez and held it so dear to her heart. During my first visit to fez I couldn't share her enthusiasm because all I was exposed to was the tourist part of town. She invited me again and I decided to go again and give Fez another chance. This time I opted to live the local experience. There is a whole other side to fez that the usual tourist doesn't get to experience which is the hospitality of the locals. My friend has established relationships with her neighbours, landlady and various people around. They were so pleased to invite me along to lunches and dinners. Moroccan home cooked food is super delicious thing ever and no Moroccan restaurant can compare. The people were so kind and hospitable. It was a whole different experience than my first one. It felt like I went under the surface and blended.  I am so happy I got to see this side. Luckily the weather was absolutely gorgeous too (in December when it's usually cold) and that's always a plus.