An Arty Day in Paris

The start of 2016, my good friend Samira wanted to go to Paris to get some art supplies. Of course I had to join. I have been wanting to go to Paris for the longest time especially that I am very close geographically. I was actually saving it to go with the love of my life since it was the most romantic city or so they say, but oh well no point waiting on a man *Girl Power*.  Without overthinking, we just booked the Eurostar and since it was a midweek (Tuesday- Wednesday) trip, the tickets were cheap.  

We stayed at hotel Dauphine St Germain, which was in the middle of an arty area full of little art galleries and walking distance to art supplies shops. We dedicated the day to art supplies and artistic inspirations plus lots of little desserts in between. We visited four art shops, Dubois, Sennelier, Esquisse and Charvin. We got new beautiful 100% cotton paper and some more paint and brushes. Buying some art supplies from Paris gave me that artist feeling if you know what I mean. We followed our art hull with a visit to the Grand Mosque in Paris. It was like a little Morocco. The patterns and the symmetry were very pretty. We also met our instagram friend Arts of Zaman there. Connecting with other artists is the best! :D

Of course we had to head to the Louvre afterwards. It's a must for first time visitors. We headed to the Islamic Art part first and it was a decent collection over two floors. I couldn't leave without seeing the Mona Lisa too (kinda given once you are there). Luckily, it was a quiet time for the Louvre and everything was quick and chill.  

The day flew by and before we knew it was time to get back to London. It was such a lovely inspiring experience and I can't wait to go again! :D *MashAllah*