Day trip from Prague: Kutna Hora 

Day trip from Prague: Kutna Hora 

When I was planning my short trip to Prague, I knew I wanted to do at least one day trip to explore beyond the usual boarders of the city. So, I found a little day trip to Kutna Hora that looked SO GOOD for a very reasonable price: 700 czk. The total time of the trip was 6 hours from 11am at the meeting point to 7pm when you arrive back to Prague (including the train journey of one hour each way). 

Things I got to see on the tour: 

  • The Sedlec Ossuary (Bone Chapel)
  • Saint Barbara’s Church
  • Hrádek
  • The Hussite Wars
  • Sankturin House
  • The Plague Column
  • Bohemia’s oldest Cistercian Monastery
  • St. James’ Church
  • The Italian Court
  • and a few other things. 
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Highlights of Kutna Hora

The Sedlec Ossuary Known as the Bones Church

That was actually the reason I chose this trip. It just sounded very bazar that I had to go see it. It was like going into a Halloween party except that the decorations were REAL human bones. They belonged to 65 thousand bodies! These people died from various diseases, but were dug up when the cemetery ran out of space and when the people of the land wanted to make space to build the new church. The bones were previously made into six pyramids until the King decided to commission a wood carver to use some of the bones to decorate the church. I am not sure what possessed the King to think of such commission. The result is creepy, but kind of creative. The masterpiece is the chandelier of life when I walk in the church. The church is very small and since it's an attraction it was kind of crowded. It only takes half an hour to see it all. There is an upstairs section for the actual worship and services that is bone free.  

St. Barbara's Church

Going to the St.Barbra's church was my absolute highlight of the day. I knew it was one of the places we were heading to, but I didn't actually look it up, so when I got there I was very pleasantly surprised. It was absolutely grand. I really loved it. 

Other spots in Kutna Hora:  

Kutna Hora is full of surprises and it's surly more than just the bone church. There are a few other churches to see and little neighbourhood. So it was great having a tour guide telling us everything about the things we passed by. I highly recommend going there. 

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Over to you: Would you like to go on this day trip?! 

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