Oman Diving Centre

I know it's getting cold these days like even SAUDI is getting cold, but what a better way to spend the day than looking at beach pictures and day dreaming about the warmth?! They say everything is controlled by our minds ;) 

My number two thing on the ten things to do in Muscat is BEACH! it's a beautiful country and known for its beaches. If you are not into going to public beaches and want a nice private one try the Oman Diving Centre, ODC. There is an entrance fee for the beach. The Centre also offers diving hence the name and a resort with a restaurant, but I haven't checked anything but the beach. 

It was a nice place in the morning, but it got really uncomfortable mid day with many ladies dressed in very revealing clothes. I felt so out of place. I still prefer the hotel private beaches. Although, this might be a cheaper option.