Muscat's Sun Mountain

Happy Friday!

I thought this post about the awesome Muscat mountains is suitable for this Friday to show you some of God's beautiful creations. The mountain my friends and I were aiming to see was the Sun's Mountain called Jabal Shams in Arabic. It was a two hours drive from Muscat and the GPS stopped working midway, so have a paper map or be ready to ask the locals. It was fine for me to ask around because I am fluent in Arabic, but if you don't speak the language, have a backup plan. The views were really beautiful and there is a hotel in the mountain, but it wasn't that great. It was really hard to find food places there as well. Take your packed lunches with you.       

The photos are in the order of what we saw first. Even the roads looked picturesque. There was a canyon type thing on the way back as well. It is just lovely to leave the busy city life and wander on mountains to take in everything the world got to offer. The small old villages were really pretty as well. The locals didn't seem to be bothered by us taking pictures of the houses and doors.  

If you are in Muscat and get a chance to go, you should! For more things to do in Muscat, please checkout the Ten Things to Do in Muscat post.