Two Days in Kashan, Iran

Kashan was the last stop of the trip and I really wanted to stay longer. It felt like the perfect spot to paint. It was the least touristy city although it's only two hours drive from Tehran. It was peaceful and beautiful. During the two days we were there, we visited the Agha Bozorg mosque/ bazaar and the Fin Garden. 

In the town centre was the Agha Bozorg mosque and bazaar. That was my other favourite mosque structure wise. It was minimal in its patterns but built beautifully in the 18th century, where Islamic design started to be undervalued. 

Fin garden was absolutely gorgeous with the complex fountain water system, the grand century old trees and of course interact Persian patterns. What was the lovely is it was filled with locals or Iranians from other parts of Iran not just foreigners, so the mix was really nice. 

Note: we stayed at the lovely contemporary Rose Hotel. It's not in the town centre but a comfortable place to stay in.