The Turquoise Tour

As most of you might know, I was on an Art Study Trip in Iran, The Turquoise Tour, in September 2015 with 18 other creatives. It was lead by three talented and knowledgable tutors: Farkhondeh Ahmadzadeh, Shahriar Piroozram and Paul Marchant. I felt very blessed being able to go on the trip because I have been longing for an Iranian arty tour for years.  

We went to four main cities: Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan and Kashan. We also stopped by few places on the way like Persepolis, Natanz, Nain and Maybod. A post about each place will be coming up on the blog in the next few days. It's been a challenge choosing the best pictures because I can't possibly post all 5400 photos I took *MashAllah*. 

The trip was 14 days and I was exhausted by day 13, but I still didn't want it to end. We constructed geometry nearly every morning. Some days we had two sessions. It was very intense, but being taught by these generous tutors was wonderful and priceless. Needless to say, I still need to finish the patterns we did on the trip.

Here are few photos while you wait for the rest of the posts and believe me it only gets better.


Stay safe and kind everyone xx