The Floating Restaurant on the Lake

Happy Friday! 

Last week when I visited Zurich, I went on a very interesting eating adventure that I will cherish for days to come. It was in a place called Herzbaracke, which happened to be a floating, moving restaurant in a little boat on the side of Lake Zurich. My friend had to book us in and tell them from the start that we wanted vegetarian options. The boat was located at the start of the lake and was really convenient to get to. The exterior was adorable and felt like a castle (first and second photos). The interior was really cozy and beautiful with red lights and wooden furniture (fifth, sixth and seventh photos). The red lights were great for the atmosphere, but not for the food photos (you can see my failed attempts below). 

The waitresses were dressed in fancy costumes. It felt like I entered another era. The tables were shared and the other people we shared the table with were really sweet. When my friend and I arrived, we were welcomed warmly and given beverage options. They instantly gave me a list of nonalcoholic choices. I thought that was really sweet and considerate of them. They served the food first and to everyone at the same time. It was a four course dinner. We started with a delicious and warming soup then it was followed by a tasty salad with the best dressing. After the filling starters, we got our mains. The vegetarian option was really nicer than I expected. Few minutes after everyone finished their meal, they started the charming live performance. They have changing performances and the one we attended was really nice. The energy of the performers was fun and enjoyable. 

The owner of the place, Federico Pfaffen (third photo), was very charming, attentive and so kind. Through out the evening, he was doing some entertaining bits and fun introductions. All were in German, but it still made me smile even though I didn't understand any of it. As I was standing by the counter getting ready to leave, he opened a box and told me to take a coin and keep it. He said the coin will bring me happiness. I completely loved that! I am such a fairy tales believer.      

Worth a visit for sure, but check their website for their times and shows.