Things to do in Split, Croatia

I took the 9:30am bus from Plitvice Lakes National Park to Split. It was a four hour journey. I was headed to Dubrovnik, but since Split is on the way I had to stop by and see it for myself. I spent about five hours there. My bus arrived at 2pm and I started right away with a walking tour. Two days prior I booked a tour via Lokal Hero with Vjeran Mlačić

I didn't know much about Split before I got there. I only knew it was on the beach and I was scared that it will be just a crazy party town, but it turns out that it's very rich in history. In fact, it's the second largest city in Croatia and it dates back to the construction of Diocletian's Palace in 305 CE.  

I think the best thing I did was book that two hours tour. I got to learn about major historic events and fun trivia related to Game of Throne (some parts were filmed there!!) I even made a new friend mid tour and she joined us for the rest of it. The main sight was Diocletian's Palace. His story was impressive but he was slightly insane. The architecture of the old city was great too. 

When the tour came to an end, we stopped by a handmade Jewellery shop. The shop was cozy and full of character. I really liked meeting Victor, the Croatian filigree maker. Needless to say, I had to get a little something from there! 

After the tour, I heads to the beach. It was extremely busy, but found a spot to chill for 40 mins. I really enjoyed the city. I defiantly got the party city vibe, but it could also be a chilled out break too.