Muscat Royal Opera House

Happy Thursday people! 

Another favourite spot in Muscat is the Royal Opera House . I love the architecture. It's traditional with the arches, yet it's contemporary with the simplicity of the locally sourced limestone and stucco finishes on the exterior. I loved the placement of the lights on the outside, which highlight the arches tastefully. The interior design of the ROH is very grand and full of beautiful details from carved arches to detailed ceilings and sparkling chandeliers. The over all space of the ROH is 200,000 SqM. It's three floors from what I remember and there are elevators. The ROH was designed by WATG.

Most shows and performances are around the Christmas and New Year holidays. They have a huge range from English to Arabic. The ROH is not only an opera house, but it also include shops, cafes and a number of temporary galleries and exhibitions. 

I was very lucky to attend an introductory show to the world of classical instruments and opera. *MashAllah* The presentation was both in Arabic and in English. The staff were very polite and professional. They really made me feel like a princess. Everyone was so dressed up. Men were either wearing the traditional Omani thoabs and hats or suite. Ladies were either in fancy abayas or long gowns. There were few Western ladies that were dressed in tiny cocktail dresses, but they looked out of place. 

Overall, It was such a joy to get to go there. *MashAllah*

Make sure you go there when you visit Muscat, even if just for a tour and there are daily morning ones, but you will have to call the ROH and double check. 

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