Peaceful Thoughts of a Saudi Woman

As I was watching the news yesterday, my heart just kept dropping. This new attacks on Yemen and the pictures of the dead children just made me want to migrate to another planet all together. These pictures are starting to be normal and looking at them daily just makes the heart and the brain numb. Children and adults are getting brutally murdered like they are livestock on a daily/weekly basis in many parts of the world. In Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and now more so in Yemen. These past few years have been really strange. This Arab Spring had some good impact for sure because power should always be in the people's hands, but now things are going out of control. I have very strong Political opinions that I do not share because they just lead to arguments and pointless discussions, but today I wanted to say one thing: war should never be considered. They just cause destruction and bring devastating results. 

We are all grownups and we can have a logical discussion. We do not live in the middle ages, where a show of power is needed. History has been the biggest proof that wars, occupations and invasions only lead to destruction of civilisations and draining of resources.  Wars are just the easy way out. It is much easier to kill a threat than to deal with him. Wars cost money and million of innocent lives. Here are some examples of where War money could go or how it could be used in better purposes. 

1- The money could be used to end world hunger and to provide clean water for everyone. 

2- The money could be used to provide education and health for everyone.  

3- The money could go towards scientific research of outer space and how humanity could expand and go there. 

4- The money could go towards alternative energies for a better, greener planet.

5- The money could go towards uniting humanity because race, religion and language are there for all humans to be supportive of one another not the opposite.        

I pray for peace amongst all humans. My thoughts and good vibes is with everyone struggling through war or of the war aftermath.