Packing for my Sri Lanka Trip

Packing could be stressful and boring, so, I put together a checklist based on my recent trip to Sri Lanka to ease up the process for you. I hope it gives you some useful ideas! Look book is coming at some point this month as well! :D

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 7.59.51 AM.png


Packing Checklist for Sri Lanka

My Biggest packing tip is to plan your outfits before you go based on the activities you are possibly doing. Knowing exactly what you will wear will help you pack more efficiently. 

Clothes: (These are Hijab friendly options for a summer destination)

2 Jumpsuits + 2 Maxi dresses ( to be matched with 2 light cardigans if they are sleeveless)  + 3 t-shirts + 1 light trousers + 1 long sleeve under shirt  + 5 headscarves + the outfit you are wearing to the airport + sock + underwear + rain jacket + Islamic Swim Suit   

Items for hygiene: 

Deodorant + lotion + shampoo + conditioner + shower gel (all 80ml)

Makeup: ( only essentials)

Sunscreen, BB cream, foundation, powder, eyeliner + mascara + eyebrow pencil + blusher + lipstick 


Cameras + headphones + chargers + memory cards (check my full Travel Tech Kit here) 


Mosquito Spray (if it's a tropical spot) + after bite gel + Panadol / Paracetamol  + diarrhoea tablets + allergy tablets.