My Travel Tech Kit

Hey everyone! I am packing for a short trip and I thought it's time to share my travel tech kit with you all in case you are wondering! :) You can shop the list below as well :)

PS. These are affiliate links, if you buy via my links you'll pay nothing more and I'll get a small bonus for sending you! :) 


Devices: iPhone + iPad

Cameras (for photos & videos): Canon G7x mark 1 + Nikon D7100 + GoPro Hero 

Chargers: 1 charger for iPhone & iPad + 1 charger for the external charger + camera charger

Pods: Tripod (light weight from Amazon Basic) + monopod (aka selfie stick) + a tiny phone tripod (I usually use that at home, but take it on art trips to record process videos.    

Extras: Headphones + external charger (I take two) + three memory cards 64GB + adapter 

PS. Make sure everything is charged before you pack it. 

I pack all the kit in one carry on bag. I am still a beginner in photography, so I only use one lens (the one I got with the camera). On longer trips, I pack my laptop and external hard drive too, which makes the bag really heavy! 

Over to you: what's in your travel tech kit?