Mosques of Uskudar

Uskudar is a quick ferry ride away from Istanbul. I wasn't even planning to go, but I happened to find myself in the area and I though it will be a shame not to discover the area. I did a quick google maps search on what's around and I followed the path. It was heavily raining when I was there last Fall, but I kept going. There was something nice about rain and mosque architecture. I was drenched, but life in London has prepared me to face any amount of rain. What I enjoyed the most was that I was the only tourist in that whole area. It was great to wander around picking the best angles and to sit around without interruptions. If you are a lover of Islamic Turkish architecture then make sure to include this little gem in your program. 

Ps. the word Camii is pronounced jami'e, which means mosque. 

The order of the photos is the same order I followed during my visit. 

Mihrimah Sultan Camii

This mosque was opposite to the harbour and easy to spot when you get off. "It was designed by Mimar Sinan and built between 1546 and 1548. It is a massive structure on a raised platform and already shows several hallmarks of Sinan's mature style" (Üsküdar Belediyesi, 2016). 

Uskudar Camii

I should have started with this one because that was even closer to the ferry drop off point. It's across the street from Mihrimah Sultan Camii. I met the nicest old man there who was so excited to tell me all about the place. It was SUPER tiny and the style is repeated, so you can skip this one if you are in a rush, but I liked it.  

Yeni Valide Camii (1700)

What struck me about this mosque were the dark coloured interior of red, black and green.  

Ps. Yeni means new and below you will see the older copy of this mosque.  

Aziz Mahmday Efendi Hazretleri Camii

My Islamic Illumination teacher Dilara Yarci told me about this one. Just hearing her talk about this little shrine made me want to come see it for myself. People come here with so many wishes and hopes and they ask Aziz Mahmday Efendi Hazret to ask God for those wishes as a medium because of his holy status, which is similar to saint like. I actually haven't heard of him before, but he is a big deal in the Turkish culture it seems. It is a really tiny place as well. I didn't actually go inside the mosque because I wanted to make it to the other ones before dark. 

Atik Valide Camii (1570)

Ps. Atik means old. 

I think this was my favourite mosque in Uskudar. I liked the spacious courtyard outside and the interior tiles and details. It was a trek getting there on foot. It was hilly. Actually the further I walked, the more hilly the town got. It might be easier to go there by taxi. I wanted to return by taxi after this one, but I could not find one and just had to walk back which was about 40mins from the harbour where I needed to be back. 


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