Life as a Blogger

Hi everyone,,

Hope you are all having a beautiful day full of productivity. Today, I decided to make a change. To leave the house and blog from another spot. I haven't left the house for three days and I was getting used to the PJ blogging routine, but I had to snap out of it because I simply cannot spend my days indoors when the wether is this beautiful. London + a good weather, that's not easy to come by! 

My usual blogging spot 

My usual blogging spot 

Of course, something had to go wrong at the start of this new change. I locked myself out of the house and left the keys inside! :O of all days! Thankfully, my landlord agreed to meet me and give me a replacement otherwise my beautiful day would have turned to a very sad one. I went to the closest place that I usually enjoy, Greenwich! I love the interior of Jamie's Italian and I was starving, so I didn't have to think twice. Full review about Jamie's coming soon!

Enough of all that, today I want to tell you all about life as a blogger. 

Sunny cafe
Outdoors Office

Blogging, highs & lows 

I recently graduated with a master's degree in Interior Architecture and started yet another research degree about geometry and interior spaces. You can say I have all the creative outlets I needed, but I still had more to say and more to share, so I decided to be a full time blogger as well. My favourite things about blogging is having the flexibility to use my time as I please, the ability to write about what interest me and to bring awareness to different subjects. It all sounds wonderful until you start doing it and see how much hard work it really is. I usually roll out of bed and start right away. It is constantly on my mind. In fact, I cannot just sit still without blogging or planning posts anymore. Not to mention the endless hours I spend editing photos.

Blogging is a real job with lots to do without the immediate benefit of having a typical job with a salary, paid holidays, retirement plan and a heath insurance. It really bothers me when some of my friends think I am just strolling in this life without having to work super hard. Some comments get under my skin like: "so what are you going to do today while I slave at work." I am trying so hard to be understanding of people's perspective and their constant comparison of their work life of 9 to 5 to mine. 

Blogging could be a very lonely business, especially at the start when you are trying to build your blog and content. This is where I am right now. I spend many hours just by myself typing away or editing pictures. While I enjoy it, I miss human interaction. The good thing is once I am known and out there, collaboration could start happening *fingers crossed*. Few months ago I started chatting with a group of blogger on twitter and that really has been valuable and encouraging. The blogging community is definitely a plus.

Although it is hard, but really worth taking the leap of faith. I am fully enjoying being my own boss, sharing my own stories and connecting with many readers from all over the world. I feel like I am helping shape people's opinions about unknown places such as Saudi and other travel spots. It is also great to include everyone in my interior design passion and the other interests I blog about.   

I am really looking forward to more of this blogging life. Feel free to share any tips or ideas to make my blogging life a happier one! :)