Instagram Tips and Highlights from Polkadot Passport

This was on of the talks I enjoyed in Traverse 17 conference in London. 

Speaker: Nicola Easterby

Nicola aka polka dot passport is a brilliant blogger and instagramer and she shared some of her tips with us after three years growing her audience on instagram: 

How to post on Instagram

  • Only post high quality relevant photos

  • Photo orientation should be portraits or square. They take more of the screen, which leads to better engagement 

  • Hashtag photos. Also, find official hashtags and tag for feature accounts. 

  • Post at peak times 

Tips for better photos on Instagram

  • Content is key! 
  • Shooting during golden hour 
  • Finding unique perspectives 
  • Adding a subject to your photos 
  • Having both a foreground and a background 
  • Capture a sense of movement 

Making money on Instagram

  • Sponsored post- promote something for a brand 
  • Disclosing with a hashtag 
  • Creating product into your feed to tell a story that relates to your audience
  • Gifting / Contra exchange - only good when starting but after 10k you should get paid! 
  • Instal takeovers for brand accounts 
  • Long term ambassador roles
  • Hustle hard when you are starting. You can pitch to you dream brands 
  • DM brands asking for the PR contacts 
  • Find platforms to get noticed and to find work opportunities
    Example: tribe group for influencers. 

Let's getting gramming!
You can find me on instagram on Designer Esra

Over to you: do you have any useful tips and highlights for instagram that have worked for you?