Generalife Structure

Alhambra palace is full of beauty and wonders. I previously shared the structure, the carved patterns and the painted patterns. Today I will share the beautiful Alhambra garden, the Generalife. That on its own needs two posts. This one is about the structure in the garden and the next one is about the beautiful patterns and flowers I found there. 

The Generalife was built between the 12th and the 14th centuries (Alhambra-patronato, 2015). Some parts were built by the Muslims and others were added later on by the christians (Lovegranada,2015). The structure of the garden is unique because it is a mix of solid structure (terraces & resting areas) and fluid structures (fountains of many shapes and types).

It was a very nice place to visit and relax in. You can even get a separate ticket to only visit the gardens if you have already been to the Alhambra. Enjoy the photos below!