Five Packing Tips for Lighter Bags

I have been going on short breaks lately on really cheap flights and part of the cheapness is due to the lack of luggage. When I first started traveling my bags were semi heavy and I regretted it. Now I have been flying much lighter & here are my top tips:


1- Throw in the towel

Literally. Just don't pack one. Most places will have spare clean towels. 

2- Plan your outfits

Just take one outfit for either each day or one for two days ( rotate them). As a hijabi I wear an extra layer so I pack two basic long-sleeve under shirts, light tops and two headscarves (hijabs) that could go with more than one outfit. To give you an idea here are the outfits I wore in Iran and Morocco

3- Only take two pairs of jeans

Including the one you are wearing. So you are only packing one. Skinny light jeans are even better. 

4- One or two pairs of shoes

I usually just take one very comfortable pair that is tried and tested. If you must, take another cute pair ( preferably flats coz they can be squashed into a tiny amount of space). 

5-Edit your makeup kit

Do you really use everything in your makeup bag? Take absolute essentials. Primer ( with moisturiser in it), foundation ( with spf/ sun block in it), concealer, powder, blusher, eyeliner and all-day lipstick & maybe one extra dark colour in case you do something fancy. Keep in mind liquid makeup goes into the liquids bag outside. 

Over to you: What are your top tips for a lighter bag whilst travelling? 

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