Fez Guide

Two months ago I went to Fes/Fez/فاس , Morocco for a week. I went there for the Art of Islamic Pattern study abroad short course. I didn’t know what to expect from Fes. All I knew was that my friends who visited loved it and highly recommended it. One of them told that Fez was the most beautiful city they visited.


I think you can pack everything in and make it a lovely weekend or a three day trip. 


Art of Islamic Pattern Class

Around the old Medina of Fes

Artisanal Tour in Fes

Bou Inania Madrasa

Al-Attarine Madrasa

Cherratin Madrasa 

Dinner under the stars 

Groceries & Cooking Class

Chefchaouen, the blue city

There are few more activities that you could do or surrounding cities that you could visit if you are staying longer. Check Culture Vultures FezPlan-it Fez and House in Fez for some more things to do and places to see. 


I took a look at few accommodation options there and my favourite were Dar Safferine and Riad Fes Aicha. I haven't looked at all the possibilities there, but I loved those two. 

Hijabi Fashion

If you are going there during the summer, make sure to pack light and modest wear with you. I took six outfits with me. You can take a look at Six Summer Hijabi Travelling Outfits for ideas. If you are going during winter, take warm clothes with you because it could get really cold -London cold- and rainy. Many Riads and flats are not heated well so keep that in mind. 

Ps. if you don't wear hijab, that's totally fine, but try to be modest because the more you show the more you get bothered. T-shirts, jeans and sandals are totally acceptable for women. 

Top Tips

  1. Do most of your photography during guided tours with an official touring agency such Culture Vultures Fez or Plan-it Fez
  2. Ask permission to take photos of objects, shop fronts people and even animals. 
  3. Avoid taking photos of locals or even pointing a camera at them because they get angry and extremely irritated, older men and women especially. 
  4. Dress to blend because if you stand out you will get harassed.
  5. Avoid standing aimlessly or appearing lost because the second you stop walking many people will come and try to "help" you and that will probably lead you to their own shop or restaurant. 
  6. Have an open mind and an accepting attitude towards some of the locals who will treat you like a walking wallet. It is inevitable and there is no point getting upset about it.
  7. Fez has a lot of beauty and heritage so try and focus on that and block all the other negative factors that might bother you. 
  8. Have fun! You are on holiday and you owe it to yourself to make the most of it :D 

Feel free to add more tips in the comments below! :)