Dar Seffarine in Fes, Morocco

The Islamic Pattern course I did in Fez took place in the -oh- so beautiful Dar Seffarine. It was such a great venue restored by the owner Alaa, an Iraqi architect, that moved with his wife Kate to Fez few years ago. The Dar is two minutes off the Seffarine square in a tiny alleyway. Once you enter, you are welcomed with the gorgeous unexpected courtyard. There are two big rooms downstairs along with a courtyard bathroom and the kitchen. There are more rooms upstairs.

I had lunch everyday of the week there and every day they served something new. Their food was delicious. It was hands down the nicest food I had in the week I spent in Fez. It was a mix of Moroccan, Iraqi and modern food.

They also have a terrace with a view of the old medina of Fez. That view and their mint tea were the perfect combination for an evening of relaxation. Dar Seffarine was one of my trip's highlights. I keep recommending it to my friends. It is very suitable for a weekend, where you can just stay in the Dar away from the hustle of the Medina.