Bait Al Baranda Museum

Hello everyone! 

This is the last post of the Muscat travel series -for now!- who knows I might go again and add more places, but until then I thought I could end the series on an arty note with reviewing this lovely little Omani museum, Bait Al Baranda. The name means the Veranda House.   

I found it by coincidence after a walk around the area of Souq Mutrah. It is a small museum located in a renovated house from the 1930s (Lonely Planet, 2015). It's two floors. The rooms were converted into exhibition spaces. The design is simple with basic glass cases and corner and floor displays. I liked the little figures reenacting the events in the glass cases.    

The museum is about the history of the region and Oman. It's about the past 750 million years with many archaeological elements, such as Dinosaur bones found in Oman. It's interesting if you want to know more about the area and how Oman came to be. 

Bait Al Baranda Museum

Total needed time was an hour with reading the info and taking the photos. If you are in the area, go check it out. Children might enjoy it. Although be aware it is not an interactive museum. It's mostly informative. They also host changing temporary exhibitions. Check their Facebook page to know their latest.