August flew by so quickly and this is why!

I think I am going to start all my posts with "Can you believe how fast this year is going?" It is funny to think that when I was younger I felt like days are lasting too long and now I feel like I can't get enough hours of the day. Let me tell you what I was up to in August and why I felt like it was gone it a flash. Although we did have 31 days of it!  

I was in London in August and I did not make any travel plans on purpose because all I wanted was to get a huge chunk of work done so I can pre schedule everything for September so I can focus on other things this month. Even with the insane amount of work I still did not manage to do this, but at least August was a very productive month. I actually have to go back to my calendar to remember all the things I did. That is what working form home does to you! It makes you forget (or maybe it's just me!)


I think this month have been my most productive video production months in my life. I have a very long backlog of footage that goes back to 2016 and I am still trying to manage my time better to get the videos edited and published and I managed to get eight out! If you haven't seen them, please do! You know how hard your girl works on them lol (Videos!)


I started the month with taking another art course to advance my art skills because I do art part time as an extra side hustle. I have like 5 side hustles it is crazy! I learnt a little more about tiles specifically Persian tiles that used to be made in the 12th century because they are the prettiest ever. 

Learning Persian Tiles


I finally found my writing motivation in August, I credit that to the sunshine that we all got in London. I decided to write four books on Reedsy! I do not know what is wrong with me, but I love making unrealistic plans hehe. I wanted to finish at least one of them in August, but I will still be working on it for another week. It is a small 16k word e-book about being a content creator and how to start doing that. I am not sure how it will be received, but you will all get to see it end of Sep *I hope* or start of Oct. The other two books are about my travels and the last one is about art because I can never choose between art and travel and I love them equally.  

Bloggers life in London


The second Eid that celebrates the Muslim pilgrims and their achievement happened in August. In our family this is just another excuse to see each other and since most of the family is back home in Saudi, I went to see my sister and her kids, which was lovely!  


August had a bank holiday, which meant a summer bank holiday. My favourite person & I went camping and it was my first time ever going into the woods and pitching a tent up and sitting in front of the fire for hours. I loved it! 

Camping near London


I ended the month with a live theatre show! I went with my bestie to watched Wicked the Musical and that was lots of fun! and it was seriously on the 31st of August. Apart from this outing, I don't think I tried anything new or impressive in London last month, but might try to go to few new places next month to share new places with you! 

As you can see, it has been busy and I always feel weird about telling people all of these details and I still get responses that all the things I do should not keep me this busy, but I kid you not. I work and work day after day, but I love it. Absolutely love it and it is the reason I wake up with so much will and motivation. The challenge is to keep this momentum going! Hope your month was great as well! 

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