Al-Attarine Madrasa in Fes, Morocco

From the second I entered the Attarine Madrasa, I was in Aw of its beauty and design. It was the first site I visited in Fes. It is called Al Attarin, which means perfumers due to its location near the perfume market.  It was built during the Marinid dynasty in 1325. The madras's main beauty is in its courtyard. It is fully decorated and adorned from the floors to the walls. The walls have three elements. The stucco carved biomorphic patterns (arabesque) that are based on a geometrical grid, the painted Arabic calligraphy and the tiled (zilige) Islamic geometric patterns. If you have noticed those Islamic geometric patterns are only used on the walls. The floors have simple tiles because those geometric patterns are too sacred to be stepped on.

Here are few shots I took while I was there.