Adventurous Mountain Goats

Happy Friday world! 

This new year I have so many travel posts to share with you. I started with the Muscat one last year and I have just few more posts to finish it this week and more countries will come up! Today, I wanted to show you the gangster mountain goats of Muscat that I saw on my way to the Muscat's Sun Mountain/ Jabal Shams & the Muscat Valley: Wady Shab

Adventurous Mountain Goats

At first, I spotted them just roaming around on the empty streets and around houses like they own the neighbourhood. Then I followed them intrigued to where they headed and they went to the beach as a HUGE group. The weather was hot, so I am guessing that was their way to cool off ;) how cool are they right!? They were fun to watch and they easily filled a random hour in the day. You could call this activity: goat watching ;) They were such sweet, carless goats, that just ignored me when I headed to chill by the beach. 

SubhanAllah, God's creation is just too awesome, don't you think?  

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