Muscat Travel Series: Shangri La Resort

Good evening! 

I am loving this Muscat travel series. In the Ten Things to do in Muscat, I recommended the two beautiful resorts I stayed at. The Ritz, Al Bustan Palace and the Shangri La, Barr Al Jissah. This post is about Shangri La. Take a look at the photos and the comments below for a pure taste of luxury. 


This hotel looked drastically different during the day compared to the night. In the day time, it looked so fresh and pretty and in the night time, it looked so glamours and mysterious. 


The inside of the resort was as grand as the outside. You are welcomed by arches on the walls and golden details on the ceiling. I liked the lighting that created a border around the arches. You can see it clearly in the darker picture. They also had complementary tea, Arabic coffee and dates. They made a good use of the natural lighting with big open windows. The light colours in the space acted like a reflective surface, which helped with spreading the light around.   

 The Room:

The room was pretty and comfortable with an awesome bathtub and a great shower. The design was simple, but not plain. They had some little details that add a personal touch to the room.  

 Breakfast Buffet:

The breakfast buffet won me over! I think I stayed there for about two hours, eating, taking a break and eating some more. It was really heavenly with so many choices starting from fresh fruit, pastries, a whole Arabian section, sushi and deserts. It was just too beautiful. If you love someone, take them there for breakfast! The hotel and the beach were great, but that breakfast was another level! A true holiday treat.  

The Hotel Beach:

The great thing about these far away hotels and resorts is their private beach. It was so relaxing and mostly empty. I went on a good time of the year before the rush starts and I was up very early, so I got to enjoy everything the beach had to offer. The beach was very clean and sandy. At the far end of this resort, they have some residential spaces, so if you love that part of town so much, you could just live there!  

Overall, it was such a lovely resort to stay at and closer to town, but I still loved the Ritz better. They are both gorgeous. 

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