My 10 Favourite Books

And the challenges continue! was challenged by

miss Aima

to list ten of my fav books and I thought this will be fun coz sharing books is actually really useful unlike that ice bucket *thing*

Here it is. nothing extra special lol.

1- A Thousand Splendid Suns

2- The Alchemist

3- The Forty Rules of Love: A Novel of Rumi

4- The Book Thief

5- Modelland

6- Does My Head Look Big in This?

7- Do Cool Shit

8- The Host

9- The single girls to do list

10- Twenties Girl, all the Confession of a Shopaholic series and the domestic goddess  >> all written by Sophie Kinsella so counts as one lol

Feel free to leave me some book suggestions in the comments below! I need to grow my reading list, especially in design!