ProperTea, Manchester Cathedral

Happy Sunday all! I hope you are all having a great weekend

Last weekend, my friend took me to a very nice tea room in Manchester for Sunday brunch and I LOVED the place!

The location was tucked inside Manchester city right in front of the Manchester cathedral; Manchester Cathedral Visitors Centre, 10 Cateaton Street Manchester, M3 1SQ. It was quiet outside, peaceful and of course rainy! Typical British summer.

The cafe is incorporated into an old building. Their exterior goes well with the architecture. They added a twist with the red chairs and tables outside to stamp the place with a similar branding to their other branch Tea Cup Kitchen.

The first thing I saw the second I entered was their delicious homemade cakes counter full of mouth watering goodness and some tea samples showing the loose teas. Behind it stood a shelf of big tea tins.  

The design of the place was shabby chic with lovely wooden tables and chairs, white walls and checkered flooring. The wooden counters and the tables are detailed with white and it gave the furniture a nice touch. The lights were a mix of glass covered or exposed that seemed effortless.

The window tables were nice because you get all the light seeping throw the windows, but the problem with them was the booth and the chair were uneven so you don't sit in a similar eye level to the person you are facing plus there isn't any back support which makes it uncomfortable. Maybe if some light coloured cushions are added or a strip of the same material runs to cover the back, the seating will be be better. It looked really pretty nonetheless.  

Each table was decorated with little jars of small fresh flowers. That was the simplest touch, but the most beautiful! adding fresh flowers always add to the place ambiance and putting them in small jars gives it a homey feel. Their menu styling was really nice with the clip board idea, but it was just over whelming with information and choices. 

Their tea pots were smart. The places I usually go to will give you a normal pot and a mini sieve, but in Proper Tea we got a pot that will keep the loose tea in it and a smaller jug to pour the loose free tea in. 

Their afternoon three tray choice was really nice and enough for two people. Their desert choices and teas are wonderful, but their actual food was ok, but since I only eat halal or vegetarian I didn't find anything extra special to eat, but their sweets were so nice! 

Overall, I would recommend this place for afternoon, a light meal and chilling and writing!