Instagram as a Research Tool

It's finally Friday, which means it's kinda the weekend already :D

Yesterday, I was instagram-ing, but I wasn't posting pictures or liking others. I was researching places, arts, design and cafes all via instagram! I think it's my new favorite research tool. Dare I say it? even better than google images!

I have always been the visual type, and seeing what kinda places are out there is essential. So, now before I go to any place, before I apply at any workplace, before I eat at any cafe, I search via instagram first to see what people have to say about to see if its worth going there myself. I figured, if it's good enough someone has surly instagram-ed it. At least if not by other customers, at least by the shop owner themselves.

I think even businesses have realized the importance of instagram as a research tool that's why you see many giveaways or competitions asking participant to share it on instagram for a chance to win because that gives even more exposure to the company.

Who else research via instagram?

Happy instagraming! :)