Write a GREAT CV

Writing a creative CV is not as easy as writing a plain one because you have to do the plain one first, and then brand it and produce it creatively. Here are the notes I took from attending few CV writing classes, one of which was in the University of Salford.

First, you need to know determine which type of CV you want to present; chronological, skills oriented, or others, and choosing a type depends on what you have. For instance, if you have been working since 14 then it makes sense to do a chronological one because of all the jobs you got, but if you only worked two jobs and studied more then it's better to do a skills CV. Think what you have to offer and choose the type accordingly.

Second, make sure you have a profile section at the top of your CV (under your personal info) whatever the type is because this part is read first. Make it short and sweet. a paragraph or bullet points of who you are and what you want! :)

Third, organize your CV: (CV format)

  • Personal Details (name- email- number- address)
  • Profile (mentioned in the second point)
  • Education (high school, university, etc)
  • Relevant Work Experience
  • Skills (IT, communication, team work, etc)
  • Other Work Experience
  • Other information (interests, volunteering, etc) 
  • References (you can just write at the end available on request & of course have some ready).   

Fourth, now make it creative! as in refrain from the usual, and try to show yourself through it, and here's a website for awesome CVs: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/creative-designer-resume-curriculum-vitae/

Think of your likes, and interests and their relation to the job you want to apply for, and make it all fit. Maybe choose a theme or a brand and make it go through all your work? it's your moment to shine and be noticed. 

NOTE: don't use faded colors because most of the times the CVs are printed white and black and you still want it to be clear. 

Good luck! :)